Here are other events going on in our surrounding area.  As always, I will be attending art workshops to learn about new paint techniques to share.
Downtown Art Place for affordable year round  children’s and adult art classes.  Call (906) 285-7300
Here’s info from the great art folks at LOLA, (Land O’ Lakes Arts) our Wisconsin neighbors. Check out their website at   We’ll provide links to other surrounding art organizations that we think you might be interested in. Please support the arts!  LOLA is busy planning more events and classes, stay tuned for more to come!  Feel free to call with any questions and to sign up for classes.  Call 715-547-3950
ALSO:  Arlene Schneller is a member of Range Arts Association (RAA).
Range Art Association hosts art workshops and an annual art show.  Range Art Association has members in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  It’s an art organization incorporated in 1954.  There’s an annual art show, for information on becoming a member of Range Arts or participating in an art show, please contact Gail Kniska at 715-561-2072 or email:   See their website at

Love art workshops? Check out Madeline Island School of Arts, they offer a host of writing, art, photography, quilting and more! Attend a week and have some fun.  Ar has attended workshops there, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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