About Us

We opened in 2012 !                                                                                                     

Although we are closed for the winter months, please visit us in spring 2013. The gallery also hosts an art classroom that inspires young and old!   We are located 1/4 mile East of Aspirus Hospital, north side, corner of US2 and Oak Lane, just three buildings down from Snow Country Contracting, Inc.

Hours: Sometimes we’re open, sometimes we’re not. But when we’re open, it’s worth it!            We are open during classroom hours, unless we are on a field trip. Fall hours by chance.

We are open seasonally from May-September. During the winter months we create art and stay warm in our own homes creating new ideas and art for the following year.

Who are we? What do we believe?  I believe we can inspire each other. We share an excitement for learning, you’ll enjoy our classes in a fun and exciting way.   We are passionate about art and even do it for free sometime because we believe so strongly that art should be part of everyone’s lives.  We hope to inspire young people by offering them a free art classes every Friday in the summer. We teach, we share, we inspire.  We do our best to encourage exploration through imaginations.

As the owner of the gallery, I love experimenting and learning new art and photography techniques. I love inventing my own ideas and learning from others. I’m passionate about creating art, you won’t find anyone more enthusiastic. I’m a life long learner and always hungry to learn more.  Creativity fills the classroom, we provide art materials to make it all happen.

Retirement was boring, it’s more fun to be involved in my community. It gives me great joy when I give back to my hometown.  Our success may be difficult to measure in dollars, but I feel great after a day working with children and adults at the gallery.  What good will come of this? Plenty…it will evolve into something greater than even I imagined!  Enrich your life and join us for a class.  We invite you to stop in and see what we’re doing and enjoy wonderful art for sale in the gallery too.

Schneller Art Gallery, E6298 Hwy US 2, Bessemer, MI 49911

Contact:                                                                                                                          Arlene Schneller, Artist/Owner  (906) 364-0992 or email: arschneller@gmail.com            Amy Anderson, Artist  (906) 364-5874 or email: bluebirdart@charter.net


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