Free Stuff

We all have “stashes” of things, sometimes more than we can use. Maybe we can all to share the wealth?  Give Ar Schneller a call at (906) 364-0992 for some free stuff.  Read on to see if you qualify.

Are you a teacher in our area schools, do you run a summer camp for kids, are you a local church with art activities for kids, are you student or artist in need of some materials?  We things we’d like to share with artists/teachers/students/organizations/volunteers who live in the area. We recyle, reuse and repurpose many art and construction materials. We have boxes of bible verses that can be used as book markers, made into gifts, or used in collage work.  We have clear plate glass uniformly cut, originally planned for picture frames, in 5 different sizes, 8 X 10 and smaller. Bring a strong cardboard box or plastic crate and heavy duty rubber grip gloves to handle the glass. We have a thousand clear plastic check covers which could be great for handmade calendars, thousands of beige ribbons and small gold elastic bows for small gift items or in art projects. We have heavy weight card stock printed on one side but could be used as art projects on the reverse side. Need any exterior or interior stain? We have a large supply of used stain, great for lots of wood projects.

Do you have items to share? Let us know, we might be able to use them.  People have already given us used picture frames, plywood, craft paints, oil & acrylic paint, canvas, beads, junk jewelry and other materials that we can use. If we can’t use them, we’ll help spread the word to others who can.  We need more quart and gallon sized clean plastic containers and buckets, old 1970’s National Geographic Magazines, assorted papers, old broken strings of jewelry (we recycle beads into projects), leftover paint/art supplies and paint brushes, fabrics, lace and more. You get the idea…art stuff.


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