Attention Area Artists

ATTENTION AREA ARTISTS –  We need you!  Contact Ar Schneller (906) 364-0992.

Our gallery and classes inspire new artists, young and old. The gallery also serves the art community. Please stop in for a chat. Let’s talk about what can be done to create art awareness and more. We’d like to serve as a catalyst to assist in your ideas.  Let’s make art happen!

We’d like to start a free artist database to help artists grow. Please email me at:  with your contact info then I’ll get in touch with you. As a business owner for over thirty years in sales and marketing, I want to help promote regional artists who live and work in the Western Upper Peninsula or Northern Wisconsin.

Next summer I will teach artists how to set up an inexpensive website through Word Press, if you are interested please email or call Ar Schneller. It will be a half day class and can be done on an individual basis, the fee is $ 30.  We can also host your website for a low rate or you can donate art to the gallery equal to the services you need.

We are looking for artists to also teach full and half day workshops next year (2013), let me know if you are interested.   If you have classes in your home or elsewhere we’re happy to  help promote that too.  We are not your competition, we are here to work together, encourage, learn and grow.  Our gallery will evolve to serve many purposes for you and others.  This journey has already been an incredibly rewarding experience with great success stories since we’ve opened.  We are passionate about inspiring people and helping them reach their goals. Join us in some enlightened conversations.

Plans to open The Ironwood Downtown Art Place are in the works.  A grant has been applied for and they are updating the building. Ar Schneller will serve on the board of directors and assist with community arts. More news to follow as the organization formulates plans, we’re excited about this new place!

We’d like to connect area artists with each other and provide volunteers to the community with artists.  If you would like to volunteer for any of the following activities please contact Schneller Art Gallery.  Volunteers needed for:  Annual Gingerbread House Contest, Annual Art Sale the week of July 4th at Schneller Art Gallery, Downtown Art Place Volunteers, and the Jack Frost Christmas Cards on Plywood Project.  Get involved in your community!

Let’s get together, stop in for a summer visit.  Schneller Art Gallery is closed during winter but we can meet a few doors down at my Snow Country office, by appointment only.

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