Art Studios on Aurora and other great places

Well…many may wonder why the Schneller Art Gallery isn’t open anymore on US2 between Ironwood and Bessemer, it’s because I only use that for large, stinky and noisy projects of my own, plus store all my art stuff there. Every fall I drain the pipes and shut off the heat for the winter.  I’ve moved into my year round studio in Art Studios on Aurora.  It’s located upstairs of 107 E. Aurora, next to Constantini’s, Ironwood Theater Office and Downtown Art Place.

Art Studios on Aurora is an amazing place with over 15 artists upstairs!  Some use them as working studios and have day jobs, still others are retired and work there when they choose (like me!) and others are working hard at making a living there as an artist with fabulous retail space.   So come on up, join us for some fun conversations and enjoy all there is to see.  This weekend (Dec 12, 13 & 14, 2014) there’s a special holiday event, be sure to “take your shopping to a higher level” and come on up!

I personally enjoy the creative collaborations, conversations and characters in Art Studios on Aurora…and the positive energy is really awesome.  We all get along, we often share art supplies, art tips, art ideas and even constructive criticism, but only when asked : )  I have grown as an artist there and enjoy the great art vibe there.   See me in Ar’s Art – Studio 7.  I have a street view of downtown Ironwood, so take a look up there, you might see me taking a peek outside myself!  There are sometimes art spaces available for rent in Art Studios in Aurora, there’s currently only one small space to rent, see Ann Lawrence at Ann’s Tiles or one of the artists in the building for more information.

And don’t forget to pick up the latest art class offerings that are offered in 109 E. Aurora in the Downtown Art Place Classroom and stop in to see affordable art & gifts at Downtown Art Place at 111 E. Aurora, it’s not just a gallery, it’s a showroom filled with prints, original handmade art from talented artists and so much more!  Spend a morning or afternoon in downtown Ironwood wandering the wonderful shops and restaurants.  There are many new places to explore like Stems Flower Shop, Amanda Szots place, Focused Girl/Sandy Harden with Michigan gifts and arts to name a few!

My personal foodie favorites are Northwind’s Food Co-op, Buon Appettito Italian Restaurant, Brewster’s, Taconellis, Old Suffolk Ale Haus, Pine’s Cafe and Joe’s Pasty Shop.  My favorite shopping experiences are Ben Franklin’s, Elle Stevens, Dan’s Antiques, Uncommon Goods and Fabric Patch Quilt Shop.  There’s also the fun rummage around places like St. Vincents and the Thrift Shop to find cool deals.  If you just need a quiet place, grab a book or magazine at Carnegie Library, they also have an adult poetry group, chess group and more there, check out one of the oldest libraries in the UP since 1901!

There’s a lot of history in our area and we’re celebrating it next year with the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit which will be hosted in Downtown Art Place from April 4 to May 31, 2015.  Be sure to visit our area then and wander the special historic displays and events throughout Gogebic County as we celebrate our heritage.  See for more details.

Speaking of new and exciting places, there’s also more art in surrounding areas including Doug Kikkebusch’s Glassworks in Bessemer and Nanette’s Knits in Wakefield that is an interesting family affair with amazing gift items and Llama wool from Nanette’s farm!  Tell them Ar sent you!



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